Interesting story of Father-in-law ‍and son-in-law

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Anyone likes to read laughter stories, so for those who love to read laughter stories, here are some beautiful Bengali laughter stories, I hope you will like them a lot. If you like it, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

The boy will go to his father-in-law’s house. His intelligence was a little low so his mother taught him well. Said, your father-in-law is sick so I will go and ask him first how are you.

He may well say. Then I will say that this is what we want. Then I would like to know what diet he is doing.

He will say something, you will say it is a very delicious bird, I will come back soon after playing Rose.

Then I will ask which doctor is treating him. After hearing the name of the doctor, I can say, “Great doctor, you will get better very soon!”

And I will always have a smile, a smile on my face. Mother Neota shook her head and left. The father-in-law is lying on the bed with the disease.
The son-in-law entered the room, smiled, and asked, “How are you, father?”

Father-in-law: I don’t want to live anymore, this time I will live if I die.

Son-in-law: This is what we want. What are you dieting now?

Father-in-law: (getting angry) Horse eggs.

Son-in-law: Which doctor are you showing it to while laughing again?

Father-in-law: (more angry) Jam.

Son-in-law: Very good doctor, well-known doctor, you will be fine in a few days.

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