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Vijay Singh Dighi is one of the most beautiful lands in Feni and an interesting place in Bangladesh. This lake is located in front of Feni Circuit House in Vijay Singh village, about two kilometers west of Feni city.

Vijay Singh Dighi is the immortal work of Vijay Sen, the founder of the famous Sen dynasty of Bengal. The area of ​​this lake is 37.57 acres. This lake has a lot of history. Some call this history a fairy tale, some call it a fictional story, some call it a miracle story.

However, when I was a child in class four, my Bengali teacher said, many, many years ago, there was a golden boat in the water of this lake. In that boat, there were gold pots, pans, dishes, bowls, spoons, jewels, etc. In a nutshell, everything that a wedding need is in this boat. If the marriage of the daughter of a poor father was right.

Vijay Singh would carry all the things of the marriage in the boat of Dighi. In other words, if the marriage of a poor girl is right, if her father goes in front of the tank and says, my daughter’s marriage is right, but I can’t afford anything, then the boat disappears from the water and rises to the top and gives all the gold ornaments.

However, the condition is that at the end of the marriage everything must be returned to the boat. In this way, if the marriage of a poor girl was arranged, her father would take all the things from the boat on the day before the marriage and return the things to the boat after the marriage.

This condition continued for many years. The boat will not sink even after suddenly returning the items from a wedding and depositing them in the boat. Many attempts were made to sink the boat but it did not sink. Then the items are counted again.

Surprisingly, one of those things was less than a spoon and a plate. It was later learned that a woman had stolen the spoon and dish. Vijay Singh Dighi’s boat did not float on the water with gold items since that day. Many years passed but the boat never came up again.

Suddenly a big wave came from the lake and swept the bride away. The bride was never found again. What happened? The fairy tales of Vijay Singh Dighi may not be found today, but still, the mind, the cool south wind, the eye-catching green ceremony, etc. can be found.

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