Why is wet hair harmful?

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Hair loss can be caused by tying or combing wet hair.

In such a situation where you have to hurry to go to the office or go somewhere fast, many people go out after combing their hair. Tying or combing hair in wet conditions makes it tangled and rough. As well as the hair follicles are damaged.

Femina Dotin highlights the issues that should be avoided in wet conditions to keep hair looking good.

Wet hair combing: Wet hair is the weakest. And at this time the follicles are damaged by combing the hair. Also, combing wet hair can cause split ends, swelling, and roughness. So after the hair is completely dry, it should be combed.

Applying heat to wet hair: It is not advisable to use the ‘styling tools’ that you have. And it is more harmful to apply heat to wet hair through these thermal devices.

Wet hair absorbs more heat and causes ‘burns’. So they should be used dry and not wet.

Sleeping on wet hair: Sleeping on wet hair is one of the causes of hair loss. The hair breaks and becomes weak.

It is best to dry the hair in normal air. However, if you take a bath before going to sleep, you need to dry your hair with the help of a ‘blow dryer’.

Wipe wet hair vigorously with a towel: It is not advisable to wipe the hair vigorously in wet conditions, as it causes split ends and damaged hair follicles.

So wet hair should be gently wiped off with a smooth towel. Later it should be air-dried.

Wet Hair Tie: Wet hair is not good because it has weak roots. This time the hair tie creates extra stress.

So it is not right to style hair comb, braid, or any other condition while wet.

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